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Hooray!!!, it is done, in the moment of writing, the new version of our game "The Last Banquet" has arrived in english. Fantasy Flight Games did a terrific job. Thanks a lot. Also thank you for the new cover, Simon! Great theme, well done!

To whom it concerns: spanisch, french, german and italian version of the "The Last Banquet" is already available, too!

So why not spent some good time in the holidays or at your christmas party with a couple of friends or your family to have an extraordinary event at this years end with our "The Last Banquet"?

The new metal chains in the new box and a new cooperative scenario playing for 6 players upwards will hopefully inspire even banquetfans from the first hour!

Enjoy and have a wonderful wintertime.

truly yours
GameHeads November 2014

Boxcoverart Last banquet Backside Last banquet

The Last Banquet is an epic, large-group game for six to twenty-five players. Each player takes on the role of a member of the Royal Court, from the King himself, to the pious Abbot, ghostly White Maiden, and courtly Baron. Acting out their respective roles, players must use the actions allowed to them to try and accomplish their team’s agenda. However, you must be judicious in your actions, as the King is watching closely for signs of disloyalty–and not everyone at the banquet table is on your side. Court the King’s favor, and work to enact your own cunning machinations to further your own ends.

Featuring multiple scenarios of intrigue, teamwork, roleplaying, and bluffing, The Last Banquet will have you cleverly navigating the intricacies of the royal court in hopes of securing your team’s objective. Associate yourself with one of the possible factions, but to whom? The Black Roses or The Tower?

Medaillon RosesMedaillon Tower

Scenarios are the guides to your gaming event! You should cleverly use your skills, make plans and lead your faction to victory.

Unique Items are hidden on occasion and can be used for bribing, to be a secret message, mark characters, are smuggled, will be lost and found, but could also be used as weapons.

Unique Item DiamondUnique Item DispatchUnique Item DogUnique Item Poison

Right now we have our Heads full in many projects of gamereleases in the future. We will try to keep you informed. Again, Have a  a good time!

truly yours

November 2014

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